(working title, likely to change)

While not yet complete, the book provides a comprehensive guide to improve your mental health treatment, and get better sooner. Full of insider tips and tricks, you’ll learn why getting decent care is so difficult, and how you can change this.

Mental health resources are already stretched to the limit to provide care for those with more serious mental illness, who are more in need of help and far less able to help themselves. The book is targeted at those who are still seriously affected by their mental illness, but still “high functioning.” They are the people less likely to find help, but most able to leverage available resources (such as family doctors) to get the care they actually need.

Better care? No falling through the cracks? With the right guide, and a bit of time and energy, you’ll quickly be on the right track.

This is that guide.

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Table of Contents

  • A Primer on Mental Illness
    • Introduction
    • The Basics
    • How are Mental Illnesses Diagnosed?
    • Severity Matters
    • The Mental Health System
  • Navigating Your Care
    • Taking a More Active Role
    • Working with your Family Doctor
    • Clinical Interviews
    • Describing your Symptoms
    • Paging Dr. Google
    • Working the Waiting List
    • Your Living Treatment Plan
    • For Family and Friends
  • Treatments
    • Your Mental Health Toolbox
    • Your Physical Health
    • The Role of Medications
    • Antidepressants
    • Other Medications
    • Evolving your Medication Regime
    • Medication Side Effects
    • Special Situations
    • Counselling and Therapy
    • Workbooks
    • Other Treatments