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We’ve gathered a number of resources that will help you take things to the next level. Extra material that we couldn’t include for space or other reasons. We’ve provided you with a broader collection of web resources. Pointers to self-service tools like scales and workbooks to help on your own mental health journey.

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    You saw how self-report rating scales are an important tool, both for clarifying your diagnosis but also for tracking your symptoms over time as you try out different treatments. We’ve collected some of the most useful publicly-available rating scales for your use.
       See Scales.


    Can’t find or afford a therapist? More comfortable working through some things on your own? There are some excellent workbooks that will take you step-by-step through many problems. You’ll learn about yourself and your illness, and complete exercises to put you on the right path to wellness.
       See Workbooks.

    Bonus Materials

    Lies, Damn Lies, and Evidence.

    Scientific evidence is treated as holy gospel by some people, and entirely discounted by others. When it comes to evidence for mental health, living at either end of this spectrum is a mistake. This article explains everything you need to know to understand mental health evidence, including its limitations.

    Deconstructing Antipsychiatry.

    Seen some antipsychiatry writings and feel you’re not being told the whole truth? You’re right! I’ll show you what’s true, where the lies are, and what’s missing. Time to end the misinformation and conspiracy theories (on both sides).

    Web Resources

    There’s a ton of great mental health information on the web, but separating out the excellent from the crud can be tricky. Let us help! We’ve compiled a carefully curated and annotated list of the most useful and dependable resources for you.
       See Web Resources.