Dick and Jane (Don’t) See the Doctor

Our healthcare system is broken, no question. But we can’t afford to fix it, can we?

See Dick. Dick gets sick. Treating Dick would cost $5000, but there aren’t enough doctors, so he needs to wait one year. The Ministry of Health (MOH) saves $5000.

Dick works for the city. They spend $50000 for sick leave, disability benefits, and lost productivity. The city’s costs go up, which we all pay. Businesses Dick patronized lose money and pay less tax. But the MOH saves $5000.

See Jane. Jane gets sick. One year wait. MOH saves $5000.

Jane is a doctor. She can’t work, pays $50000 less tax. Businesses Jane patronized lose money, pay less tax, lay off employees. Government loses more, we all pay, MOH saves $5000.

Jane’s patients can’t see a doctor. Many get sick, $5000, off work, wait one year. Less income, less tax revenue, lower productivity. Less revenue for businesses they patronized. Government loses more; we all pay. Some need government income supports; we all pay. MOH saves $5000 for each of them.

Hurray for MOH and their shiny financials! Hurray government! Aren’t we all further ahead?

Do the math.

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